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Please use the links above to find out about this inovative product, and please take the time to check out the video of the VuBoard in action.

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Seeing is Believing.....

We have a new product, which we feel would be of interest to you and your guests called VU BOARD.

Would you like to see some of the wonders of the ocean, but maybe don’t like the idea of diving or snorkelling, then maybe you need to try the Vu Board, for a wonderful new experience of viewing the wonders of the deep….

We designed this product specifically for you, it is for all of those people who do not enjoy placing their heads beneath the surface of the water, or do not like putting snorkels in their mouth. However, you would still love to see the beauty of the living ocean below.

You would probably be surprised as to how many people actually do not enjoy snorkelling but do it because it is the only way to view below the ocean surface. Well, you now have a pleasant alternative in our innovative product the Vu Board.

It was never our intention to deter people from diving or snorkelling, but to encourage those that would otherwise not do so. Using our Vu Board is one the easiest and most comfortable ways to view underwater without disturbing any of the growth on the seabed or the coral. The Vu Board is an ideal way for you or your guests to enjoy the reef without getting their hair wet.

When using the Vu Board people are now also able to talk to their companion’s about what they are seeing. The Vu Board provides a safe alternative to snorkelling, since any boats in the immediate vicinity can also see the diver clearly.

The sturdy Vu Board with its crystal clear removable viewing chamber is suitable for both young and old alike, and you can even wear your spectacles or sunnies!!

The Vu Board is rotor moulded and made of polyethylene, which is a very durable and long lasting substance. The removable lens has a crystal clear viewing chamber which is also UV treated and can be simply replaced as and when required, simply by unscrewing 4 stainless steel screws on the underside of the board.

The Vu Board also comes complete with a convenient carry strap, with an easy release snap lock buckle; the strap also doubles as a safety wrist strap.

We have received numerous positive feedback and responses from popular resorts in Fiji, Vanuatu and Australia, where the Vu Boards are in daily use and enjoyed by many.

We are also proud of the fact that the Vu Board is Australian made, and we are sure the Vu Board will become the new talking point of your water activities. So if you would like to add value, and a unique aspect to your resorts water activities, then try a Vu Board today!!

Providing Vu Boards for your guests, will allow you to be different to your competitors, and add value to your resort for years to come.

See the Vu Board in action for yourself, see the video now...

We can also provide purpose built racks that allow you to store 6, 8 or 10 boards at a time, to ensure the safe storage of the Vu Boards when not in use.

For more details please contact the Vu Board Team - VU Board – Sea-ing is Believing!!!

Regards Dave & Eileen Melrose